He smiled at the smile after the defeat. Then Clough led outsiders to titles

“I do not think I was the best manager. But I was in the top one. “

That’s how Clough evaluated her career when she was over. And it was not the first time the journalist could laugh or astonish. Of the many reports he has taken, at least a few:

“Our team is so young, I feel like a school trip. “

” Kenny Burns was the ugliest player I’ve ever been involved in. “

” Sinatra? Yeah, he met me once. “

” If I did not drink so much, we would not have stepped in. “

Already too much affection for alcohol ended 1993 in Clough’s long mission in Nottingham, and in time his life.Liver transplantation has survived, but stomach cancer has already succumbed eleven years ago.

One of Brian Clough’s classic reports:

enough. He was great as a player, and during his ten-year professional career he was able to shoot for Middlesbrough and Sunderland 251 goals! But at the age of twenty, he had to end up being injured by his knee and started training.

He started at Hartlepool, which he pulled after four to third league leagues. Then Derby County looked at him and began a big ride. Clough first made the club order: he threw away most of the players, but also the lawnmower, the secretary, or the ladies who cooked tea for the players.It was enough to see them smile after a lost match…

Changes were paid off – the team started to climb for glory. He moved to the first in fifteen years, and in 1972 he won the English title, the first in club history. Derby fans bookmaker bonus also enthralled in the Championship of European Championships, where he lost to Juventus in the semifinals.

Clough’s darker point began to show up: he was shooting Italian journalists in Turin and arguing with the club leadership that he walked around a couple of times when negotiating transfers.

1973 himself resigned and the fans rebelled. It was even more raging when Clough was back on stage after less than a year: as a coach of the powerful and wealthy Leeds, the major rival Derby.Here he came across: the players had not forgotten how they had sworn in their previous engagement and did not accept him. The result was logically reflected, so he was involuntarily goodbye for just 44 days.

Another engagement was mobile betting much happier. He stayed in Nottingham for 18 years, the club led from the bottom of the second league to the first and in the novice season won the title and the League Cup. In the next two years he won the Champions Cup, which shocked the whole of Europe.

It has been talked many times that he should take over the English representation, but the people of the union were probably afraid of him. They did not want a coach with trouble, so they lost the best.More trophies than Clough have got legends Manchester United, Alex Ferguson or Matt Busby, but that does not mean they can not count with them.

“Clough was a better boss than Ferguson,” thinks Roy Keane’s midfielder, both. “Fergie was ruthless, football was just a business for him. Clough was also hard, but he never lied, he always acted very well. And win the Champions Cup with a team like Nottingham? This is a success that we may not yet be able to appreciate enough. “

Maybe. In any case, the coach’s skills have attributed at least three cities with which he is most interconnected: his sculpture in extra-large size is in his native Middlesbrough, Derby and Nottingham.

Who can get such honors?Only those who belonged to the “top one”.

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